T.D. Sons is a wholesale firm of Sarees in operation since 1994. We procure sarees from various places around India and indulge in trading of the same. The firm has been growing strong and expanding its family by serving our customers to the best of our capabilities. Saree Wholesalers, Wholesale Saree Store in Ranchi.

Led by the sole proprietor Prakash Arora, T.D. Sons has grown strong since its inception from 1994. A wholesale firm of Sarees in Upper Bazar, Ranchi, procuring Sarees from various places like Surat, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Banaras, etc. The firm also offers Wholesale fine quality handlooms (Shawls and Stalls) along with seasonal products like Blankets. Emphasis on quality and a delightful experience are the two pillars upon which the firm has been standing strong since 1994.

This is the online portal of the firm catering to the retail segment providing the end customers a source to directly purchase Sarees at the factory rate. This initiative has been taken by the firm to benefit its final customers who usually have to pay a higher amount with the involvement of middlemen in the trade. The world is constantly evolving and we too are evolving with it and tirelessly working to meet our customer's growing needs. We wish to form a relationship with our customers that surpasses that of a buyer and seller, we warmly welcome all of you to our family.

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